GinBerry Pastelito

Ginger and Cranberry Scented Candle

Vegetable wax candle scented with ginger and cranberries. Square container of handmade ceramic in salmon color.

The ginger fragrance is spicy, penetrating, with spicy yet slightly sweet traits. The cranberry scent is citrusy without losing its softness. Combining the scent of ginger with that of cranberry makes for a sensational blend. The combination of these two scents gives the candle a unique scent with a lot of personality.


The pastel salmon color is a very enjoyable color, just as you will enjoy lighting this candle. Let yourself be surprised with this candle, making every moment special.

Its name is GinBerry Pastelito.

8,5(D)x8(H) 225gr
7,5(D)x6(H) 100gr


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